Winthrop Students Affect Change for Shelter Animals

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Winthrop Avenue fourth-graders collected more than $5,000 in donated items for dogs and cats residing at Almost Home Animal Rescue. The yearlong fundraising activity, which occurred under the direction of teacher Alexandra Grodin, culminated with a visit to the shelter to see firsthand the animals they have helped.

Ms. Grodin explained that the student initiative was a yearlong service project that allowed them to apply skills they learned in class, such as writing and public speaking. “They learned to recognize their individual power to make change in the world around them and to build awareness for a cause at any age,” Ms. Grodin said. “They were so excited to see the animals they have been helping and the fruits of their labor.”

After hosting a schoolwide assembly about their initiative, the students published a monthly newsletter to solicit specific donations and followed up with monthly announcements over the school’s loud speaker to remind peers of the important mission. They also wrote letters to local pet stores to solicit donations to the shelter. The final project included a “No Sew” project, collecting dog sweaters and sweatshirts for privately owned animals for the cold winter months.