Friendly Competition on the Track

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Learning to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition is an important component to Bellmore students’ physical education program. Under the direction of physical education teachers Mallory Cogen and Brian Scott, sixth-graders participated in a four-week unit to increase their skills in running, jumping, balance and throwing. At the conclusion of the unit, the students participated in the annual Sixth-Grade Track Meet, where they competed in the 50- and 75-yard dash, standing broad jump and softball throw for distance.

The track meet results are as listed:

Team Relay:
Carolyn Acevedo's Class – Bronze (Francesca Lodispoto, Joseph Rotola, Tyler Settanni and Jordana Wallace)

Carrie Neu's Class – Silver (Danielle Farese, Nina Genzone, Thomas Osborne and
Michael Romeo)

Kelly Popielaski's Class – Gold (Lorenzo Bonilla, Nicole Makai, Alexa Rogina and Nicholas Toppi)

50-Yard Dash:
Boys: Lorenzo Bonilla (Silver), Alexander Celeiro (Bronze) and Thomas Napier (Gold)
Girls: Elizabeth Bohlert (Bronze), Nina Genzone (Silver) and Layla Schechner (Gold)

75-Yard Dash:
Boys: Thomas Osborne (Bronze), Nicholas Toppi (Gold) and Zachary Weitz (Silver)
Girls: Danielle Farese (Bronze), Kara Mangiapane (Gold) and Emily McArdle (Silver)

Softball Throw:
Boys: Alexander Celerio (Gold), Jason Guardiola (Silver) and Blake Peyser (Bronze),
Girls: Danielle Farese (Silver), Nicole Makai (Gold) and Brianna Santiago (Bronze)

Broad Jump:
Boys: Thomas Napier (Silver-tie), Christopher Tonico (Bronze), Nicholas Toppi (Silver-tie) and Daniel Valdez (Gold)
Girls: Elizabeth Bohlert (Silver-tie), Nina Genzone (Gold), Faith Gunn (Silver-tie) and
Kara Mangiapane - Bronze