Bellmore Board Honored by Their Community of Learners

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At a special ceremony held prior to the October 18th Bellmore Board of Education meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph S. Famularo, with help from the physical education teachers and select students of Charles A. Reinhard, Winthrop Avenue, and Shore Road, acknowledged the members of the Board for their hard work and commitment to the district in honor of New York State Board of Education Recognition Week.

“Every year we highlight a different area of the curriculum for the Board, so that they may see the product of their hard work and dedication to our community of learners,” remarked Dr. Famularo.

During the 45-minute program, students throughout the grade levels and buildings demonstrated the cohesiveness of the physical education program and the increased proficiency of their skills by showcasing the volleyball unit.

The members of the Bellmore PTA also thanked the Board for their dedication and, in honor of the Board members, gifted the three schools with recess equipment, while the Bellmore Faculty Organization donated $300 towards the purchase of books and supplies for the building libraries.