A Day in the Life

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Winthrop Avenue School hosted “Journey into American Indian Territory” for two full-day, in-house field trips. In conjunction with the current curriculum, Native American studies educational experts, focusing specifically on Eastern Woodland tribes, visited each school, playing traditional Indian games, re-telling historical stories, and interacting with a museum of authentic Indian artifacts, some of which are still utilized to this day.

Throughout the two days, students were provided with an in-depth look into the culture of Native American Indians. A museum displayed artifacts from every aspect of life, including clothing, tools, cooking utensils, games, artwork and even a fully-constructed longhouse. Each artifact was described to students with a background story and lesson. Students learned how Native American Indians respected each other, nature and animals, which laid the foundation for their flourishing society. Traditions of teamwork and equality, deeply rooted in the culture, were portrayed through stories of agriculture.

Students were able to gain hands-on experience by simulating tribal games such as King and Pin, as well as by crafting an original clay pot to bring home and discuss with their families.