Health and Safety

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Following their Disability Awareness Week earlier in the year, the students at Bellmore’s Winthrop Avenue School learned about the importance of health and safety. Sponsored by the PTA’s Health and Safety Committee, the students spent the week learning how to eat correctly, play safely, and form proper workout habits. The week included participating in a 30-minute Pilates class with local instructor Einat, learning valuable bicycle safety techniques from AAA, and helping to create a healthy meal with “The Power of Food” with Dr. Robert Dell’Amore and Elaine Medin.
Dr. Dell’Amore showed students how to combine vegetables, beans, olive oil and other fresh ingredients to prepare delicious and nutritious salt-free and sugar-free dishes that are low in saturated fats and rich in vitamins, unsaturated fats and flavor. During “The Power of Food,” students also helped prepare a healthy pasta salad with beans, as well as a homemade dressing, by chopping and combining the ingredients.