All-American Olympics

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To culminate six weeks of diligent practice, the sixth-grade students at Shore Road School in Bellmore participated in their physical education classes’ annual All-American Olympics. Representing colleges and universities, including the University of North Carolina, Syracuse University, and the University of Oregon, the sixth graders participated in various physical, mental, and creative activities. In addition to promoting important curricular components, the All-American Olympics also supported the District’s five core values - respect, dedication, teamwork, trust, and integrity.

Organized by physical education teachers Brian Scott and Ari Bisk, the students worked together as individual classes to compete against one another in activities ranging from a fitness relay and volleyball games to a trivia challenge and poster contest. Each class was also given scores for cooperation, organization, and sportsmanship. This year’s winners were the sixth graders representing the University of Maryland in Gloria Panella’s class, with Carrie Neu’s Michigan State University representatives placing a close second.