Determining Density

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Winthrop Avenue third-graders used the scientific method to determine the density of a combined concoction of three fluids – water, oil and syrup – during a science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics activity. After making predictions and writing a hypothesis about what would happen first when water and oil were combined and then syrup was added, the students drew pictures and wrote observations about the results.

Teachers Deanna Genovesi, Michele LaMagna and Stacey Reiner noted that the lesson falls in line with the district‘s STEAM initiative, which provides additional opportunities for hands-on science activities. An important goal of the lesson, she noted, is the students’ ability to follow instructions during experiments, skills they will need in middle school and high school.

Teacher Deana Genovesi told the students, “It is important that you follow the sequence to receive the correct outcome.”

When the students had completed their experiments, they wrote questions and observations on Post-it notes, placing them onto a poster board for peers to read.