Newest Artworks Unveiled at Bellmore Star Arts Gallery

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The exemplary artwork of K-6 students was unveiled during the opening of the 2017 Bellmore Star Arts Gallery, held at the district office on April 20. More than 40 pieces of artwork were exhibited in matching gold frames, donated by alumnus James Perna. Under the guidance of teachers Michelle Block and Stephen Gorey, the students expressed themselves through a variety of media and skills sets including mask making, watercolor, pencil and more.

A welcome addition to this year’s art venue was a performance by student-musicians, under the direction of Kathleen Rostholder.  

Block said one of the purposes of the art show is “to infuse a love of the arts while showcasing students’ best works.”

In addition, Gorey said, “The Bellmore Star Arts Gallery is a nice way to reward student leadership in the arts.”