New Classroom Farmers Raise and Observe Chicks

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In addition to the bustle of the kindergarten classroom, the slight sound of peeps came from an incubator in Fran Bauer’s and Christine Wuchte’s classrooms at. Reinhard. For several weeks, the students have been studying the lifecycle of chickens and other oviparous animals and have had the unique opportunity to observe chicks firsthand. 

For their study, farmers from Quiver Farm in Pennsylvania delivered fertilized eggs, an incubator and supplies and an egg carton filled with plastic eggs depicting the different stages of incubation. The students also met rooster Jack and Jill the hen as they learned about the responsibilities of being new farmers.

During the interdisciplinary science unit, students read and sang about chickens, named each of the birds and used mathematics to calculate their approximate hatching dates. Upon arriving to school after the weekend, the kindergartners were excited to see that several of their chicks had hatched. Making a circle on the classroom floor, the teachers placed the chicks on paper for the students to observe their fuzzy friends. After the completion of the unit, the chickens returned to the farm.