Creating Toys of the Future

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Through research and much imagination and innovation, Shore Road sixth-grade students either improved upon toys currently on the market or created new toys during the class’s Toy of the Future Challenge.

Teacher Phinola Baeza explained that the idea came to her from the class’s attendance at a videoconference with The Toy Museum of New York, “Discover Your Inner Inventor,” which discussed toys of the past and the reasons behind their popularity and sustainability. During the resulting challenge, students were instructed to research toys, investigate the process of toy testing and then either build upon or enhance a toy currently being sold. They also had the option of creating a new toy of the future. 

Megan Einstein’s and Kathryn Gabberty’s Lifetime World Dolls included a chip to assists with the owner’s socialization skills as the owner ages. Alexa Gaspar, Sophie Goodman and Ally Yucht also created updated virtual reality glasses for on-the-go activities, why Alec Ader and Ava Goldsmith improved upon a paper airplane kit for their toy Paperflys. Isabel Blasi and Olivia Dina created Smarties, a stuffed animal with an embedded tablet for educational learning opportunities, while Ashley Felsberg and Kelsey Nichols created the Whizzle Ball. Like a boomerang, the Whizzle Ball returns to the player by way of a magnetic glove.

Ally Yucht explained that success of the toy depends on “keeping it advanced but not totally unrealistic.” 

In addition to the design, the students completed a booklet about the creation and design process and gave a presentation to peers about the toys’ price point, problems they met along the way and their plans for marketing the product.