Keeping Curriculum Current

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This summer District teachers and administrators worked together to revise different aspects of the curriculum. The summer curriculum writing projects help keep the district on the forefront of education and provide students with the most up-to-date information available. Staff members also participated in several professional development workshops.

With an ever-increasing emphasis on technology and higher academic and social growth standards, teachers learned efficient ways of employing strategies and techniques for assisting their students. A few of the professional development areas included “Utilizing SMART Response Technology in the Classroom” and “Using iPods as Your Classroom Listening Center.” Additionally, elementary educator Terri Ercole facilitated a class entitled “Revisiting 6+1 Writing Traits,” during which she taught Bellmore teachers effective and creative ways to teach students how to learn and grow as writers. The “6 +1” workshop has been an ongoing process, beginning the previous summer.

Teachers also worked collaboratively on a number of instruction and social areas, including generating fifth and sixth-grade team building activities, aligning the sixth-grade math curriculum, and creating a cross-section of monthly, thematic, and academic activities to enhance the kindergarten literacy centers.

“The bar continues to be raised,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph S. Famularo. “To insure that Bellmore students continue to compete on a local and global level, we must provide them with the tools to succeed.”