Shining Stars on Display at Sixth-Grade Graduation

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June 21st was a time of reflection and celebration for the sixth-grade students at Shore Road School as they ended their elementary school career and embarked on a new journey into the next phase of their academic career at Grand Avenue Middle School. Board of Education members, administrators, parents, and invited guests proudly attended the graduation of the Shining Stars as the students were rewarded for their six years of hard work.

As the students pondered their move up to Grand Avenue in the fall, they recalled fond memories of elementary school and the valuable lessons that have prepared them for a lifetime of learning and achieving.

“It’s hard to believe that the school year has ended and the sixth graders are waiting to receive their diplomas and start a new chapter in their lives,” stated Principal Christine Augusto. “Today marks a new journey – one that has yet to be written. Set goals for yourself and reach those goals. You are the author of your own life story.”

Offering advice to the sixth graders making the transition to the middle school, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph S. Famularo stated, “Today is a day to be proud of all the skills you have mastered, because with them you will succeed in doing even more. I have no doubt that each and every one of you has the potential to do something special with your lives.” Added Board of Education President Janet Goller, “Your life is a do-it-yourself project, so build it wisely and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.”

During the ceremony, guests were treated to a “Student Welcome” read by Jordana Pontes, “Class History” by Amanda Steinberg, a “Farewell to Shore Road” by Paul Cooney and performances by the orchestra, band, and the entire sixth-grade graduating class. The orchestra performed “Rondeau” by Jean Josephy Mouret and arranged by Leidig, the band played Robert W. Smith’s “Liturgical Fanfare,” and the class sang Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s “We Are the World,” with student narratives highlighting how the Shining Stars made it a “brighter day” for their communities – school, local, and global – throughout the year.