Honoring Difference Makers in Bellmore

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Community and staff members who have had a lasting impact on the lives of children throughout the District were honored at Founder’s Day on April 28 at Reinhard.

The District congratulates the following women who were honored with PTA Life Membership awards:

•    Executive VPs: Brandy Broder, Lisa Sherman, Renni Siegel, Shanna Silva, Jeanne Yandolino
•    Music Teachers: Laura Laude, Jennifer MacVicar

•    Winthrop School Secretary: Linda Komorowski

•    Parent Involved (Membership Chairperson): Michelle Zilberzweig

•    Language (Spanish Teacher): Dana Frankel

•    Outgoing Sixth-Grade Parents: Isabella Dellitalia, Michele Griffith, Cheryl Raso, Ellen Tulchner 

•    Second-Grade Teacher: Tina Miller
•    Outgoing Co-president: Beth Fingeroth

Outgoing Co-president Barbara Haimson was given a New York State Distinguished Service Award for both her work as co-president and her various contributions to the district.