A Peaceful Bus

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In addition to providing a school environment conducive to learning, Winthrop Avenue faculty and students are collaborating to create a community of riders on all school buses.
Called the Peaceful Bus program, students riding on each bus meet periodically with assigned teachers who serve as coaches. During the first meeting of the year on Sept. 23, students and faculty worked on team-building activities. Each student filled out a survey and shared their special interests with fellow riders. The students also brainstormed ideas for a name for their bus rider group and will soon collaborate on writing a mission statement. At the end of the first meeting, the students talked with their bus driver about possible bus names and rules they need to follow.   
Social worker and Peaceful Bus program advisor Dr. Julie Lang said the goal of the program is to “have every student feel safe on the bus and to encourage students to be kind and respectful to each other while riding to school.”