An ‘Inside Out’ Values Study

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Reinhard students enjoyed a fun-filled performance by administrators and staff during the school’s annual pep rally, an on-stage performance to teach the district’s core values.

This year, the script loosely reflected the story of Riley, a character who must learn to control her feelings in the popular movie “Inside Out.” Riley, like Reinhard students, had to incorporate the core values of integrity, trust, respect, teamwork and dedication into her life to become a Rising Star Polisher. During the skit, each class performed a song based on one of the core values while holding up handmade stars decorated with notations on how to become rising stars in their schools and community.

Thank you to the following faculty for their pep rally performance:
Randi Anderson – Music
Ari Bisk – Bus Driver/Teacher
Michelle Block – Joy
Beth Boklan – Mom
Elise Cahill – Disgust
Ella DeBlasio – Anger
Amanda Kowalski – Fear
Jenn Magliano – Bing Bong
David Reilly – Dad
Debbie Sebbesse – Riley
Teri Ventimiglia – Sad
Kristen Ward – Meg