Shore Road Elected to Read

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Shore Road’s annual Pick a Reading Partner event adopted an election theme, encouraging students to “Read, White and Blue – Elect to Read.”  
Weeklong activities included a fun-filled presentation called the Election Show, where students learned about the democratic process and acted as members of the Electoral College. They signed a Declaration of Reading Independence and voted for their favorite fiction and nonfiction books in a mock primary election, which was narrowed down to three books during a secondary election. On Election Day (Oct. 26), the students cast their ballots for one of three books, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio being the clear favorite. Students also answered social studies trivia questions, wore patriotic colors and participated in a book swap. The highlight of the week was the creation of a human flag on the school playground and the singing of the national anthem to show a united display of patriotism.    
“Everyone has the right to read,” said Principal Patrice Matthews. “This is where we gain knowledge and power.”