Reinhard Students Create a Legacy Project

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Using clay and the soles of their shoes, Reinhard students in grades K-2 embarked on a collaborative artistic representation of their connection to the school community. Called the Sole Mates Legacy Project, the students are working under the direction of visiting artist Catherine Russell to create a hot air balloon-themed mosaic filled with stars that will be installed on the school’s wall later this school year.

“This project is one that enhances the leadership principle and core value of teamwork,” Ms. Russell explained. “By working together, we will create a beautiful piece of art that will remain in the school for everyone to enjoy.”

During the first of a two-part workshop that encompassed ceramic procedures and techniques, the students imprinted clay with the soles of their shoes to add a design element to the end product. Using a cookie cutter, each student cut out the shape of a star, which was then fired in a kiln for 10-12 hours at 1,200 degrees. The students’ next step is to paint and glaze the shapes, which will be designed and constructed into a mosaic in the shape of a hot air balloon.