Continuous Improvement of Mind and Body

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Winthrop Avenue students honed the Bellmore Stars Leadership Principle of continuous improvement of mind, body and heart during Health and Safety Week. During the week of Feb. 25-March 4, students attended assemblies that focused on ways to make them healthier, stronger and safer.

The week started with an assembly about acquiring optimal health through keeping teeth clean. Bellmore Emergency Service personnel Paul Nelson, Cheyenne Coco, Sal Ferro, Samantha Kahn and Mary Anne Kirby then visited students to go over procedures in various emergencies. 

“The time to prepare for an emergency is not during an emergency,” Ms. Kahn told the students. “You must be prepared and proactive to keep yourself safe.”

Shore Road social worker Christine Davison spoke to students about the definition of bullying and how to diffuse a bully, and the student body also received a lesson on healthy hand washing. 

Stacey Antine’s Health Barn presentation called “Appetite for Life” provided students with opportunities to taste test amazing, healthy foods including smoothies, low-sugar cereal with soy milk, and a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep their bodies and minds strong. The week commenced with a visit from police officers Yolanda Turner and Robert Salerno, who talked about stranger danger and how to keep safe on the computer, phone and away from home.