Winthrop Avenue Students Present ‘Peter Pan’

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Winthrop Avenue students demonstrated their leadership in fine arts with the presentation of “Peter Pan,” under the direction of teachers Stacey Reiner and Annie Craine. The combined cast of third-grade students delivered a flawless and entertaining production of the beloved story of a spirited and mischievous boy who never wants to grow up and the mythical island of Neverland, populated by mermaids, fairies, pirates and natives.

Ms. Reiner explained that the students started working on the play in November, focusing on the leadership principles and core values to develop life skills needed to be best versions of themselves. Many of the core values and leadership principles were incorporated into the dialogue of the script. The students were proactive in memorizing their lines and practicing their body movements, volume and intonation. The entire process taught them to synergize by working as a team, become more empathetic and how to continually improve themselves and their performances. 

“The students started off as two classes taking on their individual roles, and soon became fast friends who encouraged and looked out for each other,” Ms. Reiner said. “We are so proud of their efforts and everything they accomplished.”