Bellmore Students are Environmental Leaders

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Nurturing the planet was a collective effort as Reinhard students and faculty participated in the annual Earth Day celebration on April 20. Throughout the day, the students were constantly reminded that they are stewards of the planet.

Kindergarten students kicked off the activities with a hat parade. They recited an Earth Day pledge during a gathering in the auditorium where they sang “This Land is Your Land,” “Sing a Song of Flowers,” and “We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands,” changing the words to reflect the importance of recycling.  

Principal Patricia Castine congratulated the students on being environmental leaders. To the parents, she said, “We feel like we are surrounded by budding flowers, which are your children.”

First- and second-grade students later collected in the auditorium to recite the Earth Day pledge and to sing the “Reinhard School Song,” “America the Beautiful,” “This Land is Your Land,” and a special performance of “I Am the Earth,” written in 2008 for the International Year of Planet Earth and imagining a dialogue between Earth and the world’s children. 

Students then assisted head custodian Robbie Lynch in planting a tree in the courtyard. Pre-K students planted flowers with Coordinator for Student Services Elise Cahill, went on a nature walk to look for signs of spring and made dirt cups using pudding, graham crackers, Oreos and gummy worms. As a special treat, the students received a gift of popsicles from Nassau County Legislator Steven Rhoads, who was on hand for the festivities.