Bellmore Students are Environmental Leaders

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Reinhard students demonstrated environmental leadership during a daylong annual celebration of Earth Day on April 17. Throughout the day, the students were constantly reminded that they are stewards of the earth and that actions today will have consequences for the planet later. 

Kindergarten students kicked off the celebration with a hat parade. They recited an Earth Day pledge during a gathering in the auditorium where they sang various tunes related to the importance of recycling and environmental stewardship.

First and second grade students also collected in the auditorium to recite the Earth Day pledge and took their knowledge of living things and the balance of nature to weave their understanding of ecology into music. Under the direction of music teacher Randi Andersen, the students sang “America the Beautiful,” “This Land is Your Land,” “As We Walk Through This World,” and “I Am Earth,” written in 2008 for the International Year of Planet Earth as an imagined dialogue between Earth and the world’s children. 

Students and faculty then gathered in the playground to assist head custodian Robbie Lynch in planting a tree, donated by the Reinhard PTA.