Sixth Graders are Leaders in Spelling

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Sophia Benno was the first-place winner in Shore Road’s annual sixth-grade spelling bee, with Tristan Montalbano finishing second in the nail-biting competition.  

Fourteen student spellers battled it out on the auditorium stage for the title of top speller, with teachers Carolyn Acevedo and Kelly Popielaski as moderators and teachers Laurie DiMaina, Michelle Stein and Heidi Weiner as judges. The competition was challenging when after eight rounds and the misspelling of the word “itemize,” Sophia gave the correct spelling of the championship word ”cautious.” 

Prior to the spelling bee, contests were held in individual classrooms, and the top two spelling leaders from each class were invited to participate in the spelling bee on April 17. The district also congratulates Brooke Barcos, Avery Levy, Jarrett Oken, Andrew Panza, Shelby Pugatch, Marl Prainito, Bridget Ross, Eliana Routsos, Matthew Sharp, Aashvi Soni, Rachel Tuckey, and Skylar White.