T-Shirt Book Reports

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A traditional book report with a cover and folder to keep pages together was not expected in Nicole Osterhoudt’s fifth grade classroom at Shore Road. Instead, students depicted their research and summary of a favorite piece of fiction on a white t-shirt, making book reports pieces of wearable art.

The front of each T-shirt included an illustration, book title and the author’s name. A small photo or drawing of the main characters was placed on the right sleeve, and a graphic of the main setting was placed on the left sleeve. The back of the T-shirts included scenes from the book, a description of an event, a favorite quote, a summary and an opinion. Some students utilized their technology skills to scan images onto the shirts, while others crafted the required information.

Books chosen for this creative project included E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web,” Lauren Tarshis’ “I Survived” series, “Poppy” by Avi, “Donut go breaking my heart” by Suzanne Nelson and more. 

After the reports were completed, students presented their projects to the class. Ms. Osterhoudt said the reports sparked ideas for summer reading.