Kindness is a Wildly Important Goal

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In addition to the District’s monthly focus on specific leadership principles and core values, each building also works toward a school-wide Starboard goal. 

Winthrop Avenue’s Winning Star students are currently tracking acts of kindness throughout the school day. This wildly important goal is highlighted on a prominent bulletin board in the school’s main lobby and is a unifying goal to focus on through Feb. 8. 

Students who perform or witness acts of kindness can submit a form to the main office. The students are interviewed by faculty and a confirmed act of kindness is recorded. After 20 acts of kindness are tallied, a puzzle piece is removed from the star shape on the bulletin board with the goal of collecting enough acts of kindness to reveal the star’s leadership principles and core values.

“The overall purpose of this goal is for each act of kindness to inspire another,” said Principal Sally Curto.