Reinhard Students are Royal Readers

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Students at C.A. Reinhard have been participating in the annual Pick a Reading Partner event themed “Be a Royal Reader.”

Sponsored by the PTA, PARP encourages students to read an additional 15 minutes per day with a partner of choice, making this important life skill not only a school to home connection, but fun and informative as well.

To kick off the program and motivate the students, Ned Gelfar performed two royal jester shows featuring magic, juggling tricks and a unicycle ride. The students learned the importance of reading 15 to 20 minutes each day, which adds thousands of words to their vocabulary. 

During the school’s morning announcements, students have been sharing the many ways they can fit independent reading into their daily schedule. The Royal PARP Patrol has also noted the homes with Royal Reading Pledges hanging in the windows, demonstrating the families’ commitment to reading each night. Parents and other family members have been scheduled to visit Reinhard to serve as "Mystery Readers" throughout the month, which adds excitement to the program. The students' reading success has also been charted with royal symbol coupons hanging on the hallway bulletin board and showing all the many minutes that have been devoted to reading.