A ‘Mary Poppins’ Study of Core Values and Leadership Principles

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An on-stage, fun-filled performance by Reinhard faculty was once again a valuable tool to enhance the Bellmore School District’s teaching of core values and leadership principles to its youngest students during the annual Pep Rally on Oct. 11.

Written by Coordinator for Student Services Elise Cahill, the script loosely reflected the story of the Banks family of “Mary Poppins,” who have a problem employing nannies for their children Jane and Michael. With the hiring of new nanny Mary Poppins comes the opportunity for the children and family to learn the core values of integrity, trust, respect, teamwork and dedication and how to become a leader and Bellmore Rising Star.

Prior to the performance, Principal Patricia Castine told the student-audience, “You will be learning  what it is to be a Bellmore Rising Star. Remember, that you can accomplish anything by using your imagination.”

Under the direction of music teacher Randi Andersen, each class performed songs based on one of the core values, while holding up handmade stars decorated with notations on how to become rising stars in the school and community. The entire student body also joined together to sing the Bellmore Stars Leadership Song at the end of the performance. 

The Bellmore administration thanks Kerriann Sanpietro for directing the show and the following faculty performers: Ari Bisk (police officer and nanny 2), Michelle Block (Jane Banks), Elia DeBlasio (Mr. Banks), Amanda Kowalski (Mrs. Banks), Jennifer Magliano (Katie Nana and nanny), K. Peo (Ellen), David Reilly (Michael Banks), Kerri Sanpietro (Mr. Dawes and nanny), Debbie Sebbesse (Mary Poppins), Jen Siano (cook) and Marie Vevgas (Bert) for their outstanding performances.