Artwork Inspired by Rosie the Riveter

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Inspired by Rosie the Riveter, the inspirational World War II icon who represented women working in the nation’s factories and shipyards, Winthrop Avenue fourth-grade students utilized their individual interpretations of inspirational quotes, teamwork and synergy to create a piece of art.   

In order to create a positive and encouraging classroom learning environment, the students first discussed a variety of inspirational quotes and wrote about or drew what their favorite quote means to them. They also discussed and brainstormed how they can inspire and motivate each other throughout the year. 

During a collaborate art project, each student filled a piece of a stenciled Rosie the Riveter mosaic with inspirational quotes and words brainstormed during their discussion. Once glued together, the end product became an inspirational masterpiece that will remind the students of how they can work together to create synergy in their learning environment and inspire peers.

Ms. Buckley said, “We continuously reflect on the Rosie the Riveter masterpiece, which hangs in our classroom throughout the school year, when we need to persist or push ourselves to try something that seems difficult.”