Preserving and Improving Minds, Bodies and Hearts

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Shore Road students and faculty demonstrated the importance of a healthy mind, body and heart through participation in the annual Red Ribbon Week campaign, held on Oct. 22-26.

The Red Ribbon campaign is the nation’s oldest and largest drug awareness campaign and one that teaches students how to develop positive, healthy habits early in life. 

In addition to wearing red, students received red ribbons to wear throughout the week and signed a pledge on slips of red construction paper that said, “I promise to say ‘Yes’ to a healthy mind, body and heart. I am responsible for my choices. I choose to respect myself and others.” These slips were then collected by members of the Random Acts of Kindness Club, under the direction of social worker and adviser Christine Davison, to make chains that were hung in the main lobby as a symbol of the students’ commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

During the week, daily announcements reminded the students to keep a clear and focused mind, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise each day and show kindness and respect to everyone around them.