Student-Artists Create Legacy Project

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Using clay and the soles of their shoes, Reinhard students in grades K-2 have embarked on a collaborative artistic representation of their connection to the school community. Called the “Sole” Mates Legacy Project, the students are working under the direction of visiting artist Catherine Russell to create a lighthouse-themed mosaic, that will eventually be installed on the school’s cafeteria wall later this school year. 

Ms. Russell explained to the students that lighthouses possess their own designs, much like a street sign for sailors and specific to a certain region. She also noted that the Reinhard lighthouse will have its own pattern.  

The lighthouse is symbolic of Bellmore School District’s recent designation as a Lighthouse District by FranklinCovey’s Leader in Me – the first school district in Nassau County, on Long Island and in New York State to receive this districtwide honor.  

During the first of a two-part ceramic workshop encompassing ceramic procedures and techniques, the students first rolled out the clay and then imprinted each clay square with the soles of their shoes to add a design element to the end product. Using a cookie cutter, they cut out shapes to create a lighthouse, sun and clouds, which were collected and then placed in a kiln for 10-12 hours at 1,200 degrees. The students will then paint and glaze the shapes, which will be designed and constructed into a mosaic in the shape of a lighthouse.