Let’s Be Thankful

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Throughout Reinhard, students dressed as Native Americans and pilgrims to demonstrate their thankfulness through art and song to the delight of parents and peers.

The prekindergarten students entertained parents with the program’s annual singalong and the making of a craft. After a discussion about togetherness, friendship and family, kindergarten students in Fran Bauer’s and Stacy Epstein’s classes sang holiday songs for parents, including “I’m a Little Turkey” and “The Turkey’s a Funny Bird.” Decorative placemats were also made in Ms. Bauer’s class, while students in Ms. Epstein’s class enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast, provided by parents. 

In addition, David Reilly’s first-grade students and Lauren Giordano’s kindergarten students collected in the cafeteria to celebrate Sharing Day, where the older and younger students collaborated on the making of craft turkeys and a thankful tree.