Owl Sculptures Mirror Literature

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Literacy and art came together as second-grade students in Eileen Consiglio’s and Marisa Demarzo’s classes at Reinhard painted colorful owl sculptures, under the direction of art teacher Michelle Block.

An English language arts unit introducing various writing techniques and genres preceded the art unit. The students read Jane Yolen’s “Owl Moon” to introduce personal narrative writing and Martin Waddell’s “Owl Babies” to demonstrate the use of quotation marks. Also read were Marjorie Weinman Sharmat’s mystery book “Nate the Great and the Owl Express,” National Geographic’s “Hoot, Hoot, Hooray!” about the rescue and caring of baby Eastern screech owls, and the nonfiction book by Gail Gibbons called “Owls” to introduce the students to nonfiction writing. 

“Creating themes is a fun way to teach children to read and write across the curriculum,” said teacher Marisa Demarzo.

After owl sculptures were created with Model Magic clay, the students used colored markers and water to paint their creations. Mrs. Block also reviewed the information learned in class, including the purpose for an owl’s large eyes, talons and whisper-quiet flying techniques.