Math as Movement

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Jumping around in the classroom is now a regular occurrence and a tool for learning math at the Reinhard.

The district recently adopted the Math & Movement program, a kinesthetic and multisensory approach to teaching math, which incorporates exercise and is designed to encourage students to practice math facts. Colorful floor mats allow students to jump and move as they solve math problems and allow for a rich variety of learning modalities (visual, auditory, motor and kinesthetic) when they practice their math facts and equations. 

Founder Suzy Koontz visited the district on Dec. 1 for development workshops with teachers and administrators, followed by a kickoff assembly with students. “The goal is to have math as a tool,” Koontz said. “The program incorporates more physical education and purposeful movement to counteract sitting and to activate the brain. Most of all, the program makes learning fun.”

During the assembly, students in grades K-2 performed jumping jacks while counting to 30, added numbers on the mats and simulated hitting a baseball while counting in threes. The program will be utilized in classrooms, as well as during physical education classes, explained Principal Patricia Castine.