A-Buzz with Spelling Talent

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Winthrop Avenue students Jenna Blacker was the winner of the school’s annual fourth-grade spelling bee, with Liam Marrow placing second in the competition. 

Fourteen of the school’s talented spellers battled it out during an unprecedented 21 rounds to claim the title of top speller, with teachers Gina Foppiano, Deirdre Golden and Alexandra Grodin as the judges and Marjorie Falabella as the moderator. The competition was one of the school’s more challenging spelling bees with Jenna and Liam both misspelling the words “bargain” and “suffocate.” Liam’s misspelling of the word “improvement” was then spelled correctly by Jenna, allowing her to win the competition by spelling “ocean” correctly.  
Prior to the spelling bee, contests were held in individual classes, and the two top spellers from each classroom were invited to participate in the Dec. 8 competition. The Bellmore School District also congratulates Brenden Chiu, Jared Cohen, Katie Giannaris, Jayson Halili, Alessandra Lee, Christian Navarro, Cade Randell, Jillian Rosenkrantz, Chase Rule, Mollie Schwinger, Sophie Shiner and Aiden Weissman.