Showtime at Shore Road

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It was an evening of excitement and entertainment as talented Shore Road sixth-grade students took to the stage to the delight of parents during the annual talent show on Dec. 11. 

Under the direction of music teacher Laura Laude, the night’s diverse entertainment included 20 acts with several vocalists who performed popular numbers by Sia, Adele and Miley Cyrus, as well as from movies and plays including “Descendants,” “Moana,” “Wicked” and “Zootopia.” There were also choreographed dance numbers, instrumental performances to popular and classic music, yo-yo tricks, a comedic act and basketball tricks.   

During the dress rehearsal, students cheered for their peers as they practiced their routines. The performers’ work paid off on opening night as parents applauded their children’s hard work and talent. 

The District congratulates the following students on their participation in the talent show: Alec Ader, Lexi Beller, Isabella Blasi, Antoinette Bonavita, Adrianna Bonilla, Sophia Bouza, Chloe Boyle, Christopher Brillantino, Charles Butler, Adrianna Califano, Julia Cerverizzo, Brooke Cohen, Olivia Dina, Megan Eisenstein, Ashley Felsberg, Ella Galjanich, Gianna Gampero, Danielle Gering, Ava Goldsmith, Anthony Hoffman, Natalia Kleczek, Emily Kranz, Taylor Lindsley, Benjamin Margulies, Kelsey Nichols, Alexandra Radinsky, Olivia Randazzo, Emma Revzin, Liliana Rogina, Gabrielle Skolnick and Elania Sylvester.

The District would also like to thank the Masters of Ceremony (Tyler Aurigema, Preston Bowman, Gabriella Broder and Dylan Kratenstein) and stage crew members (Danielle Carlino, Sean Irving, Ariana Khan, Katherine McDermott, Noelle McIntosh, Daniel Molloy and Richard Teich).