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Fifth and sixth-grade students in Jessica McDaniel's and Anne Craine’s classes at Shore Road School in the Bellmore School District recently took a field trip to King Kullen, where students worked on their functional social and math skills. During their excursion, the students purchased food items that were later used to create a trail mix to be sent overseas to troops in honor of Memorial Day. Each student was given five dollars to purchase one ingredient and were responsible for locating the item in store aisles, finding the cash register, and checking out as independently as possible. The ingredient list included pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate chips, among others.

The sixth graders in Daniel Kopetic's class also accompanied the group on the trip, and helped to make the trail mix. Together, the students in Mrs. Craine's and Mr. Kopetic's classes worked cooperatively on an assembly line to create mason jars filled with the mix. Students then attached a ribbon and decorated the jar to be sent off for the troops to enjoy. Also a big help in creating the trail mix and coordinating the trip was school psychologist Mrs. Beneville along with teacher assistants Mrs. Fusco, Ms. Schreiber and Mrs. Snaider.