Bellmore students demonstrate leadership in music

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Winthrop Avenue School’s fourth grade orchestra, cadet band and fourth grade chorus synergized their musical talents and demonstrated their leadership in music during two concert performances held on May 14.

Principal Sally Curto, in her remarks to parents, faculty and students, explained that the musicians demonstrated leadership principles and core values of dedication in their everyday practices, teamwork in their work together as an ensemble and putting first things first by practicing before watching television or participating in sports. 

Music teacher Maria Martucci said, “The students have created an environment of a love for music.”

Under the baton of Erika Glikos, the fourth-grade orchestra played three pieces including Fred Hubbell’s “March of the Metro Gnome,” Susan H. Day’s “A Pirate’s Dream” and Rob Grice’s “Dragon Slayer.”

The cadet band (beginners’ band), under the baton of Jennifer MacVicar, stomped their feet and moved their bodies to James Swearingen’s “Heroes and Glory,” Rob Grice’s “Zombie Stomp,” Mike Hannickel’s “Popcorn Prelude” and Andrew Balent’s “Let’s Go Band.”

The fourth-grade chorus, under the direction of Ms. Martucci , applied teacher Mallory Aronoff’s expert choreography to musical selections including Leigh Harline’s “When You Wish Upon a Star,” Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston’s “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes,” Alexander Mandel’s “Touch the Sky” and Benj Pasek’s and Justin Paul’s “A Million Dreams.”

There were also leadership opportunities provided for students to announce each ensemble’s selections and to showcase piano skills.

The Bellmore School District congratulates the fourth-grade musicians on a job well-done.