Musical Leaders Recruit Future Musicians

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Shore Road’s fifth and sixth grade students transported their instruments to the auditorium at Reinhard for a special concert on May 17. Instead of playing for parents and faculty, the student-musicians demonstrated their leadership in music for second graders by introducing the band’s and orchestra’s various instruments during a recruitment concert.

Under the batons of Kelly Brandstadter and Jennifer MacVicar, the students played a variety of songs, and some of the students performed brief interludes, so that the Rising Stars could hear what each instrument sounded like. The goal of the concert was for second graders to begin thinking about what instrument they would like to pursue during elementary school and beyond. 

The Bellmore School District’s award-winning music program provides ample opportunities for students to explore their musical talents. Through the Star Music Program, all students receive instruction in violin in second grade. Additionally, if interested, second graders may become members of Reinhard’s Rising Star Chorus. Third and fourth-grade students may participate in lunchtime recorder and ukulele groups as well as chorus. Students in grades 3-6 have the opportunity to take string instrument lessons and participate in orchestra, while students in grades 4-6 may take woodwind, brass or percussion instrument lessons and participate in band. At Shore Road, the District offers both a chorus and a chorale, which are open to all students willing to make the commitment to rehearsals. In addition to band and orchestra, a select band and chamber orchestra are open to students by audition. A unique feature of the Star Arts program is that students in grades 3-6 are introduced to playing the ukulele in their general music classes. They may opt to  participate in the Ukulele Club at both Winthrop Avenue and Shore Road schools.