Reinhard Hosts a Groovy Concert

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Reinhard’s Rising Star Chorus took a visit back to 1969 during the ensemble’s annual spring concert for family, faculty and peers, held in the auditorium on May 22. Under the baton of teacher Randee Andersen, with choreography by teacher Mallory Aronoff, the Bellmore music leaders synergized their voices to make the featured songs magical.

Dressed in tie dye outfits to reflect the time’s fashion and space gear costumes to commemorate the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, the chorus took the audience on a trip back 50 years ago by singing the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun,” and “One Small Step” and “Oh Moon” to celebrate the nation’s leadership in space during that decade. The audience then joined the chorus for their last musical selection, Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” with student Vincent Trotta on bass guitar. There were also ample leadership opportunities for select students to provide the audience with 1969 facts, such as the introduction of Sesame Street, Woodstock and Neil Armstrong’s trip to the moon.