Leaders in Origami

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Bellmore provides students with a variety of clubs to explore and hone their diverse interests. During the school year a small group of highly motivated Shore Road students participated in the origami club each week to create modular, STEAM and traditional origami pieces, under the direction of co-advisers Kelly Brandstadter and Heidi Weiner.

Ms. Weiner explained that the origami club exposed members to geometric math concepts, which involve types and properties of polygons, symmetry, rotations and more. “Students were able to witness one type of polygon morphing into another as we fold, which is always exciting for them,” Ms. Weiner said.

In addition to making traditional origami figures like fish, turtles and sharks, members worked on modular origami pieces, which involved the construction of replica pieces used as building blocks for larger projects. Examples included a two-sided under the sea display, which was showcased during the school’s open house, and a mobile of cranes, gifted to Principal Patrice Matthews.

Ms. Brandstadter said, “Origami involves perseverance and geometry, turning two-dimensional squares into three-dimensional art, so it’s both mathematical and beautiful.”