Being Different Can be Wonderful

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Kindergarten Rising Stars, under the direction of teachers Christine Wuchte and KerriAnn Sanpietro, took parents and faculty on a trip to the Jungle Ranch as they performed the story of the “Rainbow Zebra” on Reinhard’s stage. The play was student-driven in that the class was responsible for writing their biographies for the playlist, assisting with the decorations, and learning the lines of the story about how being different can be wonderful.

In January, the students read the popular story about a zebra with rainbow-colored stripes that didn’t feel she fit in with the other animals in the jungle. The class decided that it would be fun to turn the story into a play. The class’ 21 students have been busy learning their lines, as well as stage direction, and perfecting their roles as zebras, monkeys, leopards, lions, elephants and flowers.  

Principal Patricia Castine congratulated the students on their teamwork and synergy. To the parents she said, “It has been really great to see the students shine and come alive on stage.”