Bellmore Recognizes Student Leaders

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Prior to the June 18 board of education meeting, Reinhard, Winthrop Avenue and Shore Road students were recognized for achievement in school service and academics during the district’s annual Recognition Night.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo said the students worked hard and have shown leadership throughout the year. “Lead and Learn is our district motto,” he said, “and all of you have shown leadership qualities throughout the school year.”

Twenty-four C.A. Reinhard students were recognized for outstanding contributions to the school community as Student Advisory Council Reporters and 23 second grade students were congratulated for their work with Principal Patricia Castine and other staff members, in which they created opportunities for district leadership principles to be reinforced. 

Winthrop Avenue School Students Advisory Council Leaders Emily Greco (president), Kiera McGlynn (vice president) and Jared Eisenberg (secretary), as well as spelling bee winners Dillon Hopp (first place) and Jake Greco (second place) were honored. In addition, 19 fourth grade Star Polisher Team members were recognized for their work with the principal to create opportunities for the district’s leadership principles to be reinforced. 

There were 24 Shore Road School students who received recognitions for achievement in school service and seven students on the Star Polisher Team who worked to reinforce the district’s leadership principles. Sophia Benno (first place) and Tristan Montalbano (second place) were congratulated as the school’s top spellers in the sixth-grade spelling bee. In addition, fifth grader Tristan Bissoondial was also recognized for being a winner in the CBS Sunday Morning Science Lab Contest, sponsored by Altice. Tristan submitted his science fair project in which he explored the use of titanium dioxide in everyday products. Tristan received a $500 award, and the district received an award totaling $2,000. 

The Bellmore School District congratulates the students on their continuous improvement and leadership, making the district a Community of Learners.