Thank You for Your Service

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Students, teachers, administrators and parents all had kind words for the five volunteer members of the Board of Education in honor of School Board Recognition Week on Nov. 18. 

Prior to the official business meeting, 13 Winthrop Avenue students and technology teacher Lauren McHale demonstrated activities with the District’s new Starlab technology in the Winthrop Avenue Star Innovation Lab. Using a wand and working in teams, the students answered spinner (open ended) questions relating to the language of leadership, sorted proactive and reactive terminology and ideas, and played a proactive language game on the school’s interactive mat. The students also presented digitally created badges showing their appreciation for the District’s newest technology.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo complemented the trustees for their Star Polisher leadership and commitment to fostering a community of learners. He also noted that, because of the Board’s investment in education, students have cutting-edge technology to prepare them for their futures. 

During the board meeting, there were more appreciative remarks and gifts bestowed upon the trustees. Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center students presented Reinhard Rising Star pennants, and Winthrop Avenue students gifted Lighthouse District mousepads. The PTA gave the trustees a Think Win-Win stylus and a compass engraved with Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” while members of the Bellmore Faculty Organization made a donation to the Hope For Youth organization in the trustees’ names.

Board President Janet Goller thanked the district for the gifts, technology demonstration and words of appreciation. She called board service a “labor of love,” and noted that the greatest part of being a trustee is watching the children and the district’s programs grow.