Lyrical Dance Lesson Sparks Natural World Imagination

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A lyrical dance lesson sparked the imaginations in the natural world for second grade students in Jennifer Magliano’s class at Reinhard. The students received a visit from Calhoun High School senior Brooke Lundrigan who attends The Children’s Sangha, a community organization offering educational and nature-based programs and services for young people with a range of abilities and needs.   

During her lesson, Brooke shared a video of a lyrical dance routine from her dance group and defined the genre. She also read “My Amazing Body – A First Look at Health and Fitness,” followed by a warm-up activity with music. Brooke then taught the students a dance routine she created based on nature moves. While reflecting on the lesson, the students recalled their own personal experiences in the natural world. They also mentioned a desire to include the dance routine in their fitness regimen.