Students Celebrate 100 Days as Rising Stars

Students Celebrate 100 Days as Rising Stars photo thumbnail164718

As students entered the C.A. Reinhard on Feb. 13, faculty and staff greeted them with balloons and congratulatory remarks for having fulfilled the first 100 days of school. Dressed in decorative T-shirts, numbered athletic jerseys as 100-year-olds, the students spent the day strengthening their English language arts and mathematics skills with various activities related to the momentous occasion.

“This is a very important day, because the students have really met the challenges becoming Bellmore Rising Stars over the last 100 days of School,” Principal Patricia Castine said. “It’s an occasion to celebrate.”

The students were encouraged to find peers whose jersey’s numbers equaled 100 when matched with one another. Teachers took their students around the school to find 100 site words planted throughout the hallways. There was a museum of 100 Day projects to peruse. During a morning assembly, the students gathered in the school auditorium to celebrate the day with activities and songs. They were asked to reflect on what the skills they had acquired since the first day of school.

Under the direction of music teacher Randi Andersen, the students sang the “100 Day Song.” Coordinator for Student Services Elise Cahill also recruited students to play the Minute to Win it Game, where they added math facts and organized numbers, all in 100 seconds or less. The students also worked with a partner to toss a balloon in the air for 100 seconds.