Celebrating Inner Superheroes

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In addition to celebrating the heroes on the front lines of today’s pandemic, C.A. Reinhard students celebrated the District’s leadership principles and core values as they pertain to leadership during the school’s annual Superhero Leader Day on April 28.

In a virtual message to students, Principal Patricia Castine reminded them to think about the leadership principles and core values they demonstrate each day that give them superhero powers. “Superheroes are fictional characters who remind us, that in order to be a leader, we must have integrity, dedication and thinking power,” Ms. Castine said. “It is important that we work hard to let our own special superpowers come out.”

During their home instruction, students were asked to write about their choice of superhero, including what their name and superpower would be. Other students wrote about real-life superheroes and the traits that these individuals demonstrate each day. The students also submitted a photo of themselves dressed as a favorite superhero.

Ms. Castine added that this fun-filled day exhibits how students have learned to internalize the district’s leadership principles and core values, as well as recognize the leadership powers each one of them possess.