Solving Problems With Robots

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Even with the challenges of remote learning, teachers and students are finding ways to carry on the District’s science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics program.

At Shore Road, sixth grade students in Phinola Baeza’s class researched and identified a current problem that society faces. They were then challenged to create and construct a robot that will solve the societal problem using materials at home. Many of the students chose to create environmentally friendly robots, since the school had just celebrated Earth Day on April 22. The STEAM experts then presented their robots to the class and their teacher via Google Meet.

Some of the robots were more conceptual in nature. One student created an environmentally-friendly robot that could travel back in time to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic where it would be able to stop the disease from spreading. Other robots had a definitive job, such as a robot that cleans up trash on the beach but spits out sand as it moves along the beach. One student even created a robot that teaches and translates language to the deaf through use of sign language.