Bellmore Students Motivate to Lead

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Members of Winthrop Avenue’s Student Advisory Council and Star Polisher Team have been working hard to inspire their classmates to continue to live by the District’s adopted leadership principles during school closures. The groups recently released a presentation with examples of leadership around their home, which included photos, descriptions and artwork submitted by students Ryan Carrino, Liliana Cona, Stella DiSanto, Laila Fisher, Aidan Kregler, Kiera McGlynn, Samashritha Rayapadi and Scotty Walsh.

During the 2017-2018 school year, Bellmore was recognized as a Lighthouse District by Franklin Covey Education and currently has the distinction of all of their schools having achieved Lighthouse status. The Bellmore Stars Character Development Program is centered on universal leadership principles and shared core values, which represent the ideal traits the district considers essential for developing knowledge and life skills for responsible behavior. The leadership principles adopted by the district include be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first; think win-win; seek first to understand, then to be understood; synergize and continuous improvement. Likewise, the core values practiced by district students include integrity, dedication, trust, respect and teamwork.

Principal Sally Curto explained that the presentation is a way to assist students in honing the leadership principles during extended school closures. “The students worked very hard on bringing this presentation to the attention of the student body and faculty, which inspires us to continue practicing leadership principles at home each day,” Ms. Curto said.

To view Winthrop Avenue School’s leadership presentation, log onto the following link: Winthrop SAC.m4v.