Flat Teacher Adventures

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As virtual learning continues to take hold, student-teacher relations are more important than ever. To bridge the separation gap and stay connected with students, prekindergarten teachers at C. A. Reinhard host “Flat Teacher Adventures” each Friday.

Much like the original Flat Stanley Project in which a cardboard cutout of a man, Flat Stanley, accompanies students on various adventures, the teachers send a choice board of activities to complete along with a flat cutout (Bitmoji) of themselves. Some of the activities include reading a book, playing board games, learning to cook or exercising. The students then take a photograph with the Bitmoji of their teacher to document their activity.

Prekindergarten teacher Carolyn Buckley said the activity serves as a way to stay connected outside of the classroom during virtual learning. “We have created such bonds with the children and thought this would be a fun way to still learn and play together,” she said.