Winthrop Avenue Students Complete Biography Project

Students Show Off Their Biography Projects thumbnail184907
Third grade students in Samantha Seith’s class at Winthrop Avenue researched and created colorful biographies of leaders in the world community, choosing from a list of authors, actors, singers, professional athletes and scientists.

Utilizing Capstone’s Pebble Go application on their Chromebooks, the students were able to easily research their chosen person’s early life, adult life and interesting facts they learned while reading about them. The student-researchers also put together a timeline to include the important events in the subject’s life.

To complete the project, the students then copied a colored image of their subject, which was then attached to a triptych visual and which included all of the information they had chosen to include in their biography project. The projects were shared amongst peers and then hung in the hallway for other students to read.

Not only did the students have fun learning about an interesting person, they acquired lifelong research skills.