Bellmore Students Take a ‘Taste’ of Various Books

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Sometimes a “taste” of a book is all that is needed to motivate a person to read it. Such was the case as students in Christina Colletti’s and Jessica Barrett’s fourth grade classes at Winthrop Avenue engaged in a book tasting activity. The Book Tasting activity was a fun way for students to sample each other’s books and explore new genres.

The classes worked within their Literature Circles to complete different reading roles on a rotating basis. Through a shared Google Doc, the class completed their weekly reading assignment and individualized reading jobs. At the end of each week, the groups then met for a student-lead book discussion, analyzing characters, themes and new vocabulary within their reading selection.

In the final assignment, these roles were transformed into elements of a menu. Leading up to the presentations, students rehearsed their roles and dressed for a fancy visit to the “restaurant.”

Student Madelin Rich said, “This event was so special because we were able to share our hard work with the rest of our class. It was unique and something I had never done before.”

Both Ms. Colletti and Mrs. Barrett were proud of the teamwork and dedication each student displayed throughout the book tasting experience. The children worked to continually improve the quality of their discussions each week and provided an excellent “taste” of their captivating books.